About House of Scripture

Restoring the Ancient Paths – We’re not Church and we’re not a Messianic Synagogue

prayer and bible pictureSo What Are We? – We are the Disciples Assembly of the First Century!

Our goal is to meet in assembly each week much as the First Century Believers all did. We left the pagan traditions behind (that were handed down by our forefathers without thinking) and we refuse to adopt the Rabbinical ordinances/traditions that our Messiah Yahshua in Matthew 23 commanded us not to follow.

The Bible records that for decades after the resurrection of Yahshua (Jesus) the disciples and Apostles all kept and honored God’s Holy Sabbath Day. They went to the Synagogues every Sabbath whenever they traveled. However, it is recorded that they also met together in homes throughout the week, sharing with each other, teaching, praising God, etc. The Bible never records the “True Day of Worship” being changed. In fact God commanded that we never change HIS commandments or instructions. Deut 4:2 and 12:32

Our goal is to follow only the Scriptures and as closely as possible without man-made rules and traditions hindering or interfering with our fellowship. We believe Messiah Yahshua was calling His disciples to go teach and do this very thing.

We have gone back to God’s original instructions and we teach it in love as our Messiah Yahshua did. There are four principles that we follow as we study, teach and learn His Word.

  • Everything must be read in context.
  • We must study the original languages to get the full meaning.
  • We must study the culture of the time to gain understanding.
  • We must study the religious system of the time if we want to realize the fullness of many New Testament teachings.

With those 4 principles in the forefront, we study God’s Word for a fresh new perspective that we believe will make you fall in love with The Scriptures all over again.

Come study and worship with us to see for yourself. Come visit us as we “Restore the 1st Century Assembly” the way our Messiah Yahshua intended it to be.