Our Leadership Team

Tom Eubank – Pastor/Teacher

tom and cornelia eubank pictureTom was born again in 1983 and has been heavily involved in church ever since. After serving as an Elder at a traditional church for years he and his wife Cornelia knew something was not right. Through an unfortunate near fatal car crash, that Tom now calls the best thing that ever happened to them, their eyes were opened to the truth of the Scriptures as they were originally given by Yahovah God Himself, the Prophets and the Apostles.

“As the scales came off my eyes the word of God started making so much sense. The Old and New Testaments are in perfect harmony and the apparent contradictions are no longer to be found”, according to Tom. “We strive to dig deep into the original Hebrew and Greek and combine that with the study of the culture at the time to get the full meaning of the scriptures as they were intended”. Tom works in his own business to pay all personal expenses so that all Ministry donations can go to the “True Purpose” as outlined in both Testaments of the Bible (provide for the Priests, feed the poor, take care of the widows and orphans). The Ministry’s goal is to have Fellowship the way they did in the first centuries without all the religious “Dogma” to get in the way.

Tom is happily married to his wife Cornelia. They both completed certification in the “National Association of Marriage Enrichment” and have used their studies to help see Yahovah put countless relationships back together. Tom is also ordained by the American Marriage Association to facilitate weddings in Georgia.


Cornelia Eubank – Women’s Ministry

Cornelia has a passion for women and has led women’s Bible Study for as many as 50 women at a time. She pours in her natural love for women with a deep understanding of the Scriptures to help change lives amongst the women of the congregation and community.

Together, Tom and Cornelia are servants of Yahovah in caring for and loving the body of Messiah Yahshua and answering the call of Yahovah on their lives.

*As the fellowship body grows additional Elders will be installed to oversee the church and to keep accountability among all of the leadership. We believe this is a critical part of any fellowship and we will follow the Biblical model for this.


Elling Johnson – Elder/Teacher

elling johnson pictureI questioned the purpose of life when my mother died suddenly in 1996, after spending only one night in her new Big Canoe home. The creator’s call led to benevolence, mission, and conference committees as well as foreign mission trips. Yet, I was unsettled by Church doctrines that just did not add up.

The Church recognizes the Messiah as the author and finisher of our faith and that YHVH never changes. Contrarily, the Church claims the Law was fulfilled and completed by the Messiah. The New Testament repeatedly states “Do My Commandments”; meanwhile, the Church makes the Ten Commandments unbinding. I now the rightfully understand the Ten Commandments are sealed within the Arc of the Covenant, the foundation of all the Law (Torah), and given as an everlasting covenant by YHVH for mankind to abide by.

Please sojourn with us on YHVH’s appointed Sabbath as we unveil the Holy Scriptures in a roundtable study and open discussion, with an emphasis placed on first century Hebrew context.


Justin & Laura McCullough – Deacon

justin and laura mcullough pictureJustin and Laura McCullough came to accept Yeshua as their Messiah nearly 10 years ago, while attending their very first Sabbath gathering. Something for which they had both been searching all of their lives simply “clicked”, and the remarkable journey of discovering the Truth of our Heavenly Father’s Word began. That journey has taken the McCulloughs through many notable changes, seeing them through both great trial and blessing. Piece by piece along the way both Yahovah’s Scriptures, the single story of restoration from Genesis to Revelation of His Covenant with His Bride and what that should mean in our lives today, and His purposes for Justin and Laura as a family, have become the central focus of their lives. With hearts to help and a hope to serve, searching for believers who shared that heart, at the end of 2013 they found a home with House of Scripture.

The McCulloughs are involved in several areas of Ministry including Worship, Torah Kids Program, and both mens and women’s Bible Studies.


Rich and Christiana Yohan – Deacon

rich and chrisianna yohan pictureRich and Christiana are dedicated to service to YHVH and our Master Yahshua in any way they can help out. They serve together in Hospitality, Building Repair, Torah Kids Programs and whereever they are needed.

They are a blessing to the House of Scripture family.

More to come shortly: